Finca Beth

Finca Beth - Paraje Altamira

Finca Beth

When a group of 5 friends, all masters of their business successes, met to start a project with the goal of enjoying and experiencing the passion for wine, success had no margin for error.

Thus, Finca Beth was born, a new philosophy of life for these people who, aged 50 and with extensive experience in different areas, decided to start again from scratch and leave a legacy for their future generations.

Finca Beth is made up of a team of professionals, each with years of experience in many speciality areas. The opportunity to work with an exclusive agronomist, who is in constant contact with the wineries, winemakers and oenologists, can generate different harvests; kept in plots, rows and specific radii. It is in this way they can achieve unique, exclusive and perfect cuts.


Finca Beth’s vineyard is located in Altamira, in the San Carlos region, known for its excellent qualities for vine cultivation. It is more precisely positioned on the slopes of the Andes on the east bank of the Tunuyán River, 1109 metres above sea level, where the rocky alluvial soil with calcareous layers helps the balance in the development of plants.

The cold, dry climate with great thermal amplitude favours vegetative growth. Vineyard health, full maturity and a long harvest period give us the opportunity to choose the right time to achieve complexity in the wine.



Vineyards’ age:

5 years


- Malbec
- Chardonnay
- Pinot Noir
- Cabernet Sauvignon


Traditional technique employed in concrete tanks, using pigeages achieves a fair measure of extraction and tannins, trying to not excessively remove components. The fermentation temperature is around 24 °C and the maceration time with the skins, depending on the year, can vary from 30 to 40 days.

After the alcoholic fermentation and subsequent maceration, the two varieties are cut into proportions, which can vary year to year. The cuts are sent to new and second use barrels for malolactic fermentation, leaving them in peace without disturbance for about 20 months.


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