Paraje Altamira - Traslapiedra


At first we were just 5 fans of good drink, until the idea of making our own wine made us friends. This was how we started to get together, first to drink, then to drink again but also with a desire for knowledge. We started to go to tastings, buying wines from different sites and winemakers, making our own comparative and vertical tastings and our own pairings. We all agreed we wanted a wine with two essential features; the first was to be a moreish wine, the second that it is from Paraje Altamira. A while after that we started to look for a name and a visual identity to represent our vinous universe.

2015. We bought 3 concrete eggs and some used casks to make our first wine. It was a hard year to start, with a lot of rain and hail, but also with the joy of the dream starting to take full shape.

2016. Our entire production was sold. We made double the amount of bottles of our blend, and introduced a Malbec 100% in a 1125ml bottle. The year was not very sunny so we obtained a very fresh wine with lovely red fruit.

2017. While we sell our 2016 wines, we keep increasing production and are adding a Pinot Noir to our repertoire.

Paraje Altamira - Traslapiedra


We choose carefully the plots and closely follow plants evolution in the whole cycle so that we can make a delicate vinification without aggregates.

The grapes come mainly from the Finca Don Perico of the Suarez family. Also from some other PIPA partner (Independent Producers of Paraje Altamira)



Vineyards’ age:

Average 18 years


- Malbec
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Merlot
- Pinot Noir


Our wines are 100% made with grapes from Paraje Altamira. Designed to drink and refresh on a mountain trip.






- Traslapiedra, Vino Tinto
- Traslapiedra, Malbec

Traslapiedra Blend - Frente
Traslapiedra Blend - Contra
Traslapiedra Malbec - Frente
Traslapiedra Blend - Contra