Finca Suarez

Paraje Altamira - Finca Suarez

Finca Suarez

Our project has developed on the land chosen by our Grandfather, the engineer Leopoldo Suarez, in the early 20th century. He imagined a story and developed his idea in a place that was a desert ruled by immigrants of that time.

For four generations we have been working and building a relationship with this beautiful place, through good and bad times we continue forwards with a strong sense of belonging and respect for the land.

Those who carry out the project today at Finca Suarez make us proud inheritors of that tradition.

Paraje Altamira - Finca Suarez


We believe that to achieve great wines, we have to have balanced and happy plants in their environment. For that reason, we do most of our work on the vineyard itself.

From pruning to harvesting, all tasks are performed manually and with a deep respect for our land.



Vineyards’ age:

Average of 18 years.


- Malbec
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Chardonnay
- Pinot Noir
- Semillón
- Merlot


All the wines are made with our own grapes from our farms in Paraje Altamira. We like fresh, elegant and complex wines that quench our thirst. We look for wines that reflect our place of origin, without unnecessary add-ons but just as they are.

We perform soft extractions, fermentation with indigenous yeasts, we don’t correct the acidity, we use little wood and we keep sulphites to a minimum.


Gabriel Bloise / Juanfa Suarez




- Finca Suarez Gran Malbec
- Finca Suarez Malbec
- Finca Suarez Chardonnay
- Finca suarez Brut Nature

Finca Suarez Gran Malbec
Finca Suarez Malbec
Finca Suarez Chardonnay
Finca Suarez - Brut Nature