Finca La Igriega

Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira

Finca La Igriega

Finca La Igriega stems from a family dream, having travelled many roads, aiming to be a legacy for those who follow. Marcelo Goldberg, who was able to lead two successful brands in the textile and apparel industry, came to Paraje Altamira in 2006 and immediately knew that the geography, intensity and its people would be the first witnesses of the new challenge which was about to begin. In the hands of a fantastic technical team, led by the engineer Carlos Caggiati and oenological direction by Felipe Stahlschmidt, Finca La Igriega takes its first steps as a creator of high quality, genuine wines, which express fully the characteristics of the terroir in which they are conceived. With the inclusion of his son Nicolas Goldberg, Finca La Igriega defines its goal of exports and begins to break into the American market, focusing mainly in New York.

The name Igriega means "Y" in Spanish, which translates as "and" in English and symbolizes the biological structure of this project. It can imply link, union, touch, sum and Finca La Igriega believes that this act of uniting together is what life is all about.

Finca La Igriega is the combination of a magnificent terroir located in the heights of the Andes, the care of a renowned agronomist, and the skills of an excellent oenologist and the passion of the Goldberg family.

Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira


Located on the alluvial cone of the Tunuyán River in the south of the Uco Valley, 1100 metres above sea level, Paraje Altamira unashamedly expresses its attributes in Finca La Igriega. Its stony, chalky and thin soil, the altitude, the rugged setting of its location and the mild climate with cool nights all make up the DNA of their sublime wines with juicy and expressive structure, deep flavours, sweet tannins and sophisticated acidity.



Vineyards’ age:

10 years


- Malbec
- Cabernet Sauvignon
- Cabernet Franc
- Petit Verdot


Delicate minerality and silky finish outline the balance between volume and subtlety. Precision viticulture practices and sensitive winemaking emphasize elegant acidity and clean finish. Focused, juicy, with distinct energy and definition our wines express the unique hints of limestone soils of Paraje Altamira.


Felipe Stahlschmidt




- Finca La Igriega Rose Malbec
- Finca La Igriega “Single Vineyard” Malbec
- Finca La Igriega Blend
- Finca La Igriega Malbec Superior

Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira
Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira
Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira
Finca La I Griega - Paraje Altamira