Paraje Altamira - Chakana

Chakana is dedicated to the study and understanding of some of the best terroirs of Argentina, with the aim of producing authentic wines that express the identity and character of our soils. The winery is located on the Agrelo estate where it owns 150 hectares of vineyards. It also has vineyards located in Mayor Drummond, Luján de Cuyo, and Paraje Altamira, Uco Valley. The latter is known for being the area where Ayni originates, the flagship wine of Chakana.

Paraje Altamira - Chakana


Since 2012, Chakana has started a project to restore and maintain the harmony of its soil and began the transition to organic / biodynamic farming methods for all their farms. This change is due not only to a deep commitment to the safety of our wines and the desire to minimize harm to the environment, but also the profound conviction that it is simply not possible to grow good quality grapes and produce fine wine using conventional methods.

The organic production system combined with the added conceptual eco-systemic and cosmological vision that provides biodynamic philosophy prove to be much more consistent, with the objective of producing grapes that are a testimony to their origin.

The vineyard management of Chakana is aimed at structuring and preserving the biology of the soil and a balanced vegetative development of the vines, in a consistent way concerning the soil texture of each site, its content of organic matter and its susceptibility to frost.

The vineyards in Altamira are certified as organic “in transition”.



Vineyards’ age:

- 5 years
- 8 years


- Malbec
- Chardonnay
- Pinot Noir


Chakana’s development style is defined by the criteria to interfere as little as possible in the fermentation process, using indigenous yeasts, minimizing SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and other additive interventions and also favouring the use of porous materials with aging – epoxy-free cement and barrels – in order to preserve the local unique character in the wine.


- Gabriel Bloise
- Asesor: Alberto Antonini




- Ayni
- Chakana Estate Selection

Paraje Altamira - Chakana
Paraje Altamira - Chakana